Fields, temperament, natural energy, flowers and fragrance.

Passion for our vineyards and olive groves takes us far from the logic of intensive farming. Instead, we revert to ancient methods and work with the cycle of nature that assists the natural vigour in the plants, in harmony with our unmistakable and unique land.



Wine is made of Love and Light.

Wine is emotion, unpredictability, a mysterious mixture of elements, which is different every year, as unexpected and seductive as a new encounter.


Our Wines

Wine of grapes, work and territory.

Sangiovese is the “main player” of our production, a variety of grapes highly affected by the terroir, never monotonous, exciting with every vintage.


Wine Shop

At our wine shop you can taste and buy the organic wines of Fattoria le Fonti, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and grappa in a relaxed and informal atmosphere immersed in the peace of our farm.