Passion for our vineyards and olive groves takes us far from the logic of intensive farming. Instead, we revert to ancient methods and work with the cycle of nature that assists the natural vigour in the plants, in harmony with our unmistakable and unique land.

Our 140 hectare estate includes 27 hectares of organically grown vineyards. We repeat the green manure technique every year: thanks to the sowing of essences able to make the soil “breathe” and regenerate precious nutrients: we feed the soil, the microorganisms that inhabit it and finally the vine, we give back what we pull out from the vineyard with the compost we produce in the farm maintaining a healthy and varied ecosystem, using sexual confusion and releasing predator insects, we protect our vineyards and grapes strengthening the plants, enabling them to resist diseases and environmental stresses with the use of organic products. This is the only way to obtain grapes that reflect the vineyard with its unique characteristics, resulting in authentic wines.

Sangiovese is the “main player” of our production, a variety of grapes highly affected by the terroir, never monotonous, exciting with every vintage. This land offers a great variability of soils: the undifferentiated complex typical of the Chianti Classico, soils with the presence of Pliocene clays and others with sandy matrix and deposits of pebbles. These conditions often intersect creating complexity and a wide variability. We keep a great number of clones resulting from years of research both within the estate and with the University of Florence. We also dedicate some small plots of land to Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Foglia Tonda, Trebbiano and Malvasia Bianca.