Fattoria Le Fonti


Working the Land is an Art

The care and respect we give to our land repays us each day, giving good fruit and resulting in a work of art, which allows us to forget any fatigue. Passion for our vineyards and olive groves takes us far from the logic of intensive farming. Instead, we revert to ancient methods and work with the cycle of nature that assists the natural vigour in the plants, in harmony with our unmistakable and unique land.

The perfect place to celebrate unforgettable moments

Fattoria Le Fonti is the ideal place to regenerate yourself by rediscovering the ancient friendliness of our lands and the simple warmth of family hospitality. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, such as a wedding or an anniversary, or to enjoy a different holiday with someone you love, Fattoria Le Fonti offers the perfect experience for those who desire exclusivity while fully enjoying the supreme luxury of life: Time!

About us

It was real love that was born over 50 years ago between Vito Arturo Imberti and these hills of Chianti Classico, a love crowned by the purchase of Fattoria Le Fonti. Today his children Franca, Ferdinando and Giovanni, and his nephew Mattia tend to the over 140 hectares estate, of which 27 are vineyards, cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture. The passion for agriculture and outdoor life, the desire to offer high quality wines and oil, the love for Tuscany’s historical and artistic heritage: all this deeply connects the Imberti family to this Land.

Our story