For us, wine making is a form of art and just as for art it cannot be limited to the technique behind its preparation. There is rigor, there is study, there is execution, but the wine goes further. Wine is also emotion, unpredictability, a mysterious mixture of elements, which is different every year, unexpected and seductive as a new encounter. At first bud break, then shoots that gradually become woody, then again small green berries that in summer, almost miraculously, are painted with shades that warm the heart. And then dust, sweat, drops of must and stains on clothes, the grape disappears in the maze of the cellars: we will never see it again, only the essence will emerge, teared from the fruit by many small yeasts and turn wine into a concert full of magic. And then time, the “when”, accompanies it to the bottle: the rhythms, the pauses, the evolutions determine what will become liquid until the day it ends up in a glass.

There is only one keyword to follow: IT DEPENDS. The rules are there, there are practices, notions, techniques, but you can never take anything for granted, never repeat yourself, never fall into the danger of using the same solutions every year, the same techniques, the same practices. We always want to produce wines that are authentic, without superstructures, complex but at the same time understandable and with great drinkability.

The rigor we adopt in the vineyard continues in the cellar, we try to respect the grapes of the single vineyards as much as possible with soft or zero pressing, delicate pump over and light extractions, favoring the integrity of the fruit and the expression of the single parcels of vineyard throughout the fermentation. The ageing process continues in steel, concrete or in medium or lightly toasted French oak barriques depending on the final destination and our oenological objectives. Our staff is always followed by the expert eye (palate and nose) of Paolo Caciorgnia, our consultant winemaker and friend who has been working with our company for many years.